1. how to get a commissioN

  • my commissions are taken on a slot system. when there are open slots on my commission info page, that means i am accepting commissions. if the slots are full, you'll have to wait until you see open slots again.

  • open commission slots are announced on my twitter, in my fa submissions, and on instagram. my commission info page will always contain a list of open slots and information on all open and closed commission types, so check that if you are interested in nabbing one.

  • if you want to fill a slot, email with a filled out form corresponding with the commission type you want. all forms can be found on my commission info page. i will send you a paypal invoice, which i expect to be fulfilled as soon as possible, if not immediately. if you disappear for a day or two after claiming a slot and never send me your information or pay your invoice, be prepared to have your slot surrendered to another commissioner.

  • refs CANNOT be "not safe for work" (nsfw). if genitalia is featured prominently (even if they’re not being “used”), i would prefer that it is censored. if it is clear that sexual acts are going on within the image even when it is censored, don’t bother censoring it – just find another ref.

  • refs must be clear. i will not accept a text reference, but i will accept pictures of real animals as refs if your character is a natural animal. even if your drawing isn’t that great, if all the markings are clearly denoted and the colors (if needed) are available for me to sample, i can use it. if you’re unsure about a ref, ask me.

  • i will not accept any kind of “points” or other fake/internet currency as payment, so don’t ask. questions about this will be ignored.

  • do not ask me if i will accept art as payment; if i personally decide i’d like to take your art as payment, i will ask when you come to buy a commission if you’d rather do a trade. this usually only happens when the commissioner is my friend or when an artist i was already considering buying a commission from wants to commission me.

  • though i always try to get all the information i need up front, i may message you asking for more information as i work to help me complete the commission. please keep an eye on your inbox and try to respond promptly, though i understand if you happen to be busy.

  • i will not mail out finished commission pieces unless otherwise noted in the info for the type of commission you bought (i.e. badges). the only other way to get physical art from me is to order it directly from me at a convention, where i offer commissions for pickup and an option to have them mailed out to you after the convention.

2. what i will and won’t draw

  • i only draw animal characters, both anthro and feral. i will not take commissions for humans or humanoid creatures.

  • i will not draw anything nsfw involving genitalia or sexual intercourse. this includes masturbation, erections, bulges, etc – i can draw a character getting “turned on” but there will be no physical evidence besides blushing and facial expression / posing. please respect this.

  • that being said, i love nonsexual kink themes. nonsexual kinks involve arousal that does not deal directly with sex/genitalia. i like to and will draw a variety of nonsexual kinks. you can find the list of themes i will and won’t draw at the bottom of this page.

  • however, even certain nonsexual subjects and themes still make me uncomfortable. do not argue with me or press the matter if i decline your idea. it has nothing to do with kinkshaming, just me being personally uncomfortable with certain subjects.

  • i reserve the right to reject any commission at any time if i become uncomfortable with the subject matter. this includes potential situations in which you have already paid and i decide after accepting the money that i can’t complete your commission. if this happens, i will refund you the money in full.

3. what you can do with commissions

  • finished commissions can be reposted anywhere you like, as long as credit is always given (preferably in the form of a link people can follow back to me). you can link to my account on the website you’re posting it on (ask me if you don’t know my username on a certain website or want to know if i have an account there), or you can link back to one of the pages i posted it (ie. the furaffinity submission, tumblr post on my art blog, tweet on my art twitter, etc).

  • you cannot make money off a commission you bought from me. you cannot resell my art, use it on merchandise, or use it as a “base” to alter/color and sell as adoptables/character designs/etc.

  • if you are selling an entire character and would like to give the rights of a commission you got from me to the new owner, that is fine, but do not use my commission to significantly boost the price of your character.

  • adoptables & character designs are the only exception to the reselling rule. they are allowed to be resold, but always for less than the price you bought them for.

  • if the commission you bought is a type that i do not offer color for (such as sketchpages), you may color under the sketch on photoshop if you would like, as long as credit is still given to me for the original drawing. you are allowed to send it to another artist to have it colored, as long as that artist isn't receiving payment for their work. if i offer color for the type of commission you bought (such as digital sketches), you are not allowed to color it yourself to get around paying for my coloring work.

4. what i can do with commissions

  • i retain the right to publicly display commissions on any website i please and use them to advertise my work.

  • i cannot make money off of your characters by selling commissions to other people including them, or selling the physical copy of your commission to someone else.

  • if you want a commission to be private, ask me. a fee proportional to the commission’s worth will be added on to the price to make up for my inability to use it in advertisement.

  • if you’d like your commission to be anonymous (meaning i can still post it wherever but it will not link it back to you), i can do that with no charge – just ask me!

5. misc (refunds, deadlines, wips, alterations)

  • if for some reason i cannot complete your commission, i will refund you your money through paypal in full.

  • if for some reason you want to cancel your commission, i can refund it to you only if i have not begun or made significant progress on your commission. a partial refund may be negotiable if i have spent some time on it but haven’t finished. the amount will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

  • i tend to get my online commissions done fairly quickly, usually within a week of the payment. take-home commissions from conventions take longer, but are usually done within a month from the convention date. if you need your commission by a certain convention or other event, i can most likely get it to you in time as long as the payment is sent promptly and nothing urgent comes up on my side. just be reasonable (no sudden day-before commissions) and we can probably work something out.

  • when working on sketchpage commissions, i will send a work in progress picture to your email. this would be the point when, if you want something changed, you should tell me. once a commission is finished and posted, i will only alter it if it is a glaring mistake on my part and absolutely ruins the piece for you. even then, large alterations cannot be made unless, as i said, they were definitely my fault (due to misreading a ref, etc) but again problems like these should be pointed out in the wip stage, not after it’s done.

  • since badges are done digitally and are fairly easy to alter even after completion, i do not send a work in progress to save time. instead, i send the finished digital badge to you for approval and ask you then if you want any changes, which i will then do for you as needed. please look over the badge carefully and be sure that you are happy with it because once i have your approval i will go to print shortly afterwards.

  • when you buy a commission from me, you are paying for my interpretation of the character. sometimes i have to stylize a character to be able to draw it, or make it more “animal” if it is too humanlike. please understand that it probably will not match your ref’s style 100% (but will still have all the markings and features required to make your character recognizable). if you have concerns about the way your character will translate into my style, please bring them up when you send me your ref so we can work it out.

  • note that i like to have a certain amount of freedom with my commissions and often like to do my own thing within the guidelines i get from you. please respect and understand this when commissioning me.

  • auctions have their own rules which will be posted on the auction submission on furaffinity.

6. THEME list

will do:

  • cardiophilia (hearts, heartbeats, stething, etc)

  • medical (ekgs, bandages, shots/needles, ivs, xrays, etc)

  • vampirism/blood drinking

  • stuffing/bloating/feeding/drinking (using food or liquid; force-feeding is ok too!)

  • weight gain/fatfur/bellies/belly rubs

  • soft vore

  • hard vore/cannibalism

  • vomiting/sickness

  • hypno (especially when combined other kinks)

  • transformation (animal-to-animal/monster)

  • surgery/vivisection (dissection while alive)

  • blood/gore/candy gore (injuries, nosebleeds, impalement, amputation, disembowelment, etc)

  • any kind of organs/organ touching/organ eating

  • anything with a breathing focus

  • drugs/intoxication

  • body horror

  • possession

  • plush transformation/characters/vore/etc

  • babyfur/diaperfur/ageplay

  • goo/slime/melting

  • electricity

  • violence/murder

  • paws

will not do:

  • anything to do with sex/genitalia

  • pregnancy

  • shrinking

  • scat/messy diapers

  • watersports/wetting (but wet diapers might be ok if you ask)

  • any vore that is not through a mouth

* i don’t usually mind doing things that are noncon/forced, but i do prefer if the character is still enjoying it on some level. if i am uncomfortable with an idea i will tell you.

*if you have an idea you’d like me to try drawing and it’s not on this list, then message me and i will consider it on a case-by-case basis.